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Sviluppatore Seegnal Research

SingingStudio is an interactive environment for the recording, analysis and representation in a scale of musical notes, of the melody extracted from the spoken/singing voice or other musical sounds.

SingingStudio uses the signal captured through the built-in microphone, to recognize and represent, in real-time, the corresponding musical notes in a piano-roll.

The melody is represented by means of a contour of MIDI musical notes, which may be sent by email, as well as the corresponding audio recording in the WAV format.

Either the recorded audio or MIDI melody can be played separately or simultaneously.

SingingStudio was designed to support singing teaching or training but it can also be used to recognize the melody generated by different musical instruments, or even to tune instruments!

The main features of SingingStudio (iOS version) include:

• Instantaneous voice recording through a microphone, reading and writing of audio files in uncompressed format (WAV), audio and MIDI playback, separately or simultaneously,

• A piano-roll interface allowing playing the musical notes of a piano or other MIDI instruments,

• Automatic identification of notes during recording or playback, and their representation in the piano-roll interface,

• Transcription of the recorded audio or a stored WAV file to the MIDI format and playback of the corresponding musical notes,

• Easy communication by email of the recorded audio or the singing voice representation in its melodic (MIDI) format.

SinginStudio (iOS version) was developed and finalized in the context of the FCT Project "ARTTS - Assistive Technology in Real Time Singing" , funded by FCT, the Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology.

Researchers/developers involved:

- Sérgio I. Lopes (Ph.D.)
- José Lopes (M.Sc.)
- Aníbal Ferreira (Ph.D.), project coordinator